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7 Minute Muscle is a great program which helps to build muscle for those whose time is limited in exercising. If you follow the workout steps demonstrated by this program, you can get your workout in the most effective way.

7 Minute Muscle includes an ebook which is less than a hundred pages and 6 downloadable bonus videos.These videos are step by step instructions on how the program works and how to carry out each exercise correctly. Fitness training, is a short, high-intensity muscle movement, typical of anaerobic training. Anaerobic training cause muscle soreness, which is the byproduct of anaerobic metabolism – lactic acid accumulation in the muscle caused. So when muscle pain can persist in training? Clarify this question we must first understand the following concepts.

Anaerobic decomposition of glucose metabolism is lactic acid, lactic acid is the feeling of muscle soreness caused a lot of accumulation. Muscle anaerobic metabolism of lactic acid in the muscles can not be reversed to sugar, but a small part is oxidized, mostly by blood to the liver, into glycogen. From the foregoing, muscle soreness after weight training is inevitable, only lactic acid continuously through the blood circulation to the liver into glycogen, muscle soreness will gradually disappear. And this process is part of the recovery process after training.

After a specified workout of the program, you definetely will feel some pain. If you do not have such a feeling, then it means that you do not exercise appropriately, and then you should increase your training intensity and reduce your excersise time.

There are three levels in this program for your varying needs. If you are a beginner, you can use the level one muscle building program, namely the 7 minute one. For an intermediate level learner, then the 14 minute one is more suitable. And if you are an elite body builder, the 21 minute program is your best choice.

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