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6 Ways of Controlling Your Food Habits

You might be aware of the fact that controlling your food habits is one surefire way to keep your weight in check. It is however, easier said than done! It is a known fact that people become overweight by overeating. Naturally then, they would become slimmer by undereating. But how do you control your eating habits? In this article, I will discuss six effective ways in which you can control your food intake and achieve your weight loss goals.

1. Eat only when you are hungry: That is how it should be, but too many times people eat just for the joy of it. However, the very first step towards weight loss is to learn to eat only when your stomach growls and otherwise not! Which means that if you are eating your office lunch and are already full when someone offers you a burger, you should say ‘NO’ to it. If you are at a party and you think you have eaten enough and if one of your friends offers you “something more”, you should turn it down. When you are eating your dinner, you should stop eating as soon as you feel full!

2. If you are eating for comfort, taste every bite. Even with all the necessary precautions you take to control your food intake, you may still want to eat for pleasure. If you are eating for pleasure, you should taste and enjoy every bite of your food; this will satiate your food cravings with very little food intake! By savoring each morsel, you can derive maximum satisfaction from your meals while consuming fewer calories.

3. If you think you have really eaten one of the ‘forbidden foods’, don’t be harsh or mean to yourself. Love yourself and try to understand why you ate what you ate. Sometimes it pays to be curious with yourself and give yourself the benefit of doubt, instead of being overtly judgmental. By approaching your food choices with self-compassion and curiosity, you can develop a healthier relationship with food and make more mindful choices in the future.

Remember that it is possible to lose weight by being kind to yourself. As a matter of fact, you will seldom be able to lose weight if you beat your head against the wall for every little fault of yours. It’s crucial to cultivate self-love and acceptance throughout your weight loss journey.

4. If you eat for emotional reasons, try to stop that practice by feeling your feelings. Whether you are happy, sad, or angry, try to “feel” those emotions intensely instead of trying to quench them with food. Remember that food isn’t and can never be a source of comfort for the mind; useless eating can only make you heavier! By allowing yourself to fully experience and process your emotions, you can break free from the cycle of emotional eating.

5. Stop searching for better things and a better environment, and stop waiting for things to happen. Stop searching for a better house, a better spouse, or a better job. Instead, try to be happy with yourself and appreciate the present moment. Love and enjoy your life the way you want instead of waiting for certain things to happen. Remember that “things” never make us happy; happiness always resides within us! By embracing gratitude and finding joy in the present moment, you can reduce the urge to turn to food for fulfillment.

6. Even though you should try to discipline yourself and stick to the diet plan your doctor has recommended for you, occasionally it will happen that you will cheat and binge on something delicious. When you do so, don’t be mean and angry with yourself; instead, write down about each type of food that you ate and why. By reflecting on your choices without judgment, you can gain valuable insights into your triggers and develop strategies to prevent future instances of overindulgence.

Just because you haven’t succeeded in losing weight in the past doesn’t mean that you will fail this time too! If you take my advice and implement these six strategies into your daily life, you will be well on your way to achieving a healthier and happier relationship with food. Remember, small changes over time can lead to significant results in the long run. Stay committed, stay positive, and stay focused on your goals!

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