6 Things You Don’t Know About Carbohydrates

As a society, we have had a love hate relationship with carbohydrates. Initially, we hated them. Then, we started to accept them.

Unfortunately, the lack of consensus here can leave the average consumer more confused than ever.

So here is what you don’t know about carbohydrates:

1. You need water to transport them: For each gram of carbohydrate that gets shuffled into your muscles, three grams of water follow. Thus, not drinking water while eating carbs is not good for performance. Moreover, a muscle without carbs will look deflated.

2. Carbohydrate consumption does not translate into no fat loss: You can lose lots of fat while eating carbohydrates. In fact, if you manage your carbohydrate consumption correctly you can lose more fat while eating carbs.

3. Fruit has unhealthy carbs in it: The dose creates the poison here, and the type of carbs found in fruit can make your body produce too much LDL and triglycerides. So don’t have endless amounts of fruit here. Make sure you eat fruit in moderation.

4. You don’t need to eat carbs during training: You only need carbs if your training is more than one hour in length. Otherwise, do not eat while you are training. This will only make you excessively thirsty and has the potential to decrease your performance.

5. Low carbohydrate diets are not magical: There is nothing about a low carbohydrate diet that induces extra amounts of fat loss. In fact, the main weight loss factor in low carb diets is a reduction in caloric consumption.

6. Carbohydrate absorption decreases dramatically after a workout: Let two hours go by after your workout and carbohydrate absorption will have decreased by 66%. Thus, it’s crucial that you have carbs immediately after exercising.

Carbohydrates truly are a strong ally when it comes to losing weight. Without them, losing weight will be like pushing a boulder up a hill!

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