6 Aspects Of Fruit That Most People Don’t Know

A fruit and a vegetable are two very different types of food. Yet, many dieters assume that both are equally healthy.

The problem here is that if you don’t know how to optimize your fruit intake you could end up gaining lots of weight.

So here are some overlooked truths about fruit:

1. They do have a lot of sugar: So try to avoid eating a lot of fruit in one sitting. You would be far better off focusing on vegetables for the best results here. The main problem with the type of sugar found in fruit is that it can worsen your blood lipid profile.

2. Fruit smoothies are not healthy: They may be healthier than sodas, for instance, but whole food is much healthier than a smoothie. The problem with smoothies is that they spike you blood sugar which can shut down fat burning.

3. Combos are better: Focusing on one type of fruit is not the best way to achieve health. You are far better off getting combinations of fruit in your diet. So strive to have a balanced intake of fruit for the best results possible.

4. Aim to get the darker colors: The darker the color the healthier the fruit. So don’t completely avoid light colored fruit, but try to focus more on darker colored fruit. After all, you might as well get as much nutrition as possible.

5. Juice from fruit will make you gain weight: Not only is it loaded with sugar, but it gets digested very quickly. This in turn will shut down your body’s ability to burn fat. So always stay away from juices, especially if they are processed.

6. Focus fruit intake during the morning for best results: Having fruit in the morning can actually be beneficial because it will restock your liver with nutrients that have been depleted while you were sleeping. Thus, if you are going to have fruit have it with breakfast.

Eating fruit in large quantities in single sittings is not the optimal path to health and fat loss. So make sure you act on the information in this article!

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