50cc Street Legal Scooters

50cc scooters have an engine capacity that classifies them as small motorcycles or mopeds at the limit between the vehicle category and moped classes. Regulations vary between many countries of the world, when it comes to the right to drive 50cc scooters with or without a driving license and common laws are seldom made. For example, in some EU countries you can ride such motorcycles without a driving license. The exceptions are France and Italy, where you need a car driving license to drive vehicles up to 125cc. There is a fairly big level of legal ambiguity for the definition and classification of scooters and mopeds.

Restrictions and licensing fees are a lot smaller for 50cc scooters and they are not legally defined as motorcycles. This description is applied to vehicles above an engine capacity of 50cc. However, an intermediary definition or class has been created by some states. Therefore, between 50 and 150cc, vehicles are defined as motorized bikes. In other parts of the world, 50cc scooters and above, are described as motorcycles.

Hence, the terms of such a vehicle’s classification vary from state to state and cannot be discussed as if they are interchangeable. Therefore, when you shop for a scooter or you are searching for information, you need to take these facts into consideration as well in order to understand everything correctly.

Technically, 50cc scooters are among the smallest and best designed on the market. They are very popular because of their very low cost, their minimal fuel consumption and the possibility of them being used by teenagers and adults alike. They are both sleek and sporty at the same time, so such a vehicle is seen as a trendy alternative to public transportation or inner city driving.

You can nip around with a scooter, getting over the challenges of heavy traffic. Even though they have a small cylinder capacity, 50cc scooters have four stroke engines with a high performance for various mobility and transportation purposes.

However, 50cc scooters share common features with the larger models, because the design lines are usually kept similar by manufacturers. Therefore, there is an electric start and a kick start mode, the brakes and exhaust come in sports variants and they all have some kind of storage space under the seat.

Before the purchase of such a small motorcycle, you should learn some details about the certification for registration, the warranty, the fuel consumption and the technical limitations of the model. Nevertheless, the same advice hold valid for larger designs too.

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