500 Before and After Weight Loss Pictures!

I combined all my previous videos to prove that people CAN lose weight! There are 500 before and after pictures! NOTE: This video is almost 10 minutes long and it goes pretty fast, please feel free to pause it and rewind to the ones you missed =) Leave a comment and time frame to the person who you think has the best transformation! ************************************* IF you are on your own weight loss journey on Youtube please post one of your videos as a video response to this!!!! We …

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  1. jordanhall91 says:

    great job everyone in the video.

  2. MrsJLathan says:

    dude at 2:20 – go ahead Grandpa!!!

  3. Constantlysearching says:

    Wow well done all! Amazing to see!! Hopefully I’ll be there 1 day!!

  4. BABYMAMA412 says:

    0:30-0:40 DAMN!! she lost alottttt!

  5. lauvamojada says:

    Wow, 6:36, that was SOME tranformation!

  6. eaziepeazie says:

    god did want everyone to have beards though

  7. manfrus75 says:

    2:09/10 can’t be the same person!

  8. I love how many of them not only shed their extra weight, but also developped a much better sense of style 😉

  9. this is amazing!
    good job to all that worked hard to lose weight 🙂

  10. raquelhenriquez1 says:

    congratulation to all of them, that is no way people can be happy beeing obese, nobody born obese, god did not ment for human kind to be fat, neighter bone skiny, be healthy. everyone of them look amazing

  11. 5:38 got insanely hot

  12. A new day has come by celine dion

  13. curthjellum says:

    congrats to all those people.

  14. jayfury007 says:

    wow i was like damm that’s so cool : )
    i need info how too so i can be in the next video

  15. WhyDnsQLetThemGo says:

    im so happy for them <3 cool. And this give hope for who wanna loss weight 🙂

  16. oh man, the transformation at 0:59, she became VERY attractive.

    A lot of people agree with the fact it causes severe health problems but are in denial about how it makes you look physically.

  17. OMG 5:28!!! No wayyy a complete transformation to hottie! I’m in shock, it’s insane what losing so much weight can do to a person. 😮

  18. Mbeebeelove says:

    great pix thanks! Inspiration for many I’m sure (^__^)

  19. lozanocrystal22 says:

    thay seen so happy in there after pic then there before im so happy for them.

  20. 1mrsmattshadows says:

    If I have to narrow it down to one choice, I would say 2:00 is the most inspirational transformation to me. Amazing! I wonder how these people did it, I wonder which ones had surgery & which ones did it with diet & exercise. Regardless they are all inspirational and I am so happy for each and every one!

  21. abbysmithmusic says:

    i think you wont have excess skin if you lose your weight slowly… and it stays off easier.. but if you lose all the weight in a couple of months you might have excess skin… my mom just lost 45 lbs and she lost it slowly so she doesn’t have excess skin..

  22. Girlwhodraws says:

    amazing!! the girl at 6:08…. I am standing up tears in eyes and a ear to ear smile at what you have gone through!! she looks awesome!! just with that picture it make me feel like I can have a normal body… just eat right and work out!!

  23. shakeel07 says:

    Most Americans are fat overweight greedy cunts.

  24. amieissocute says:

    Absolutely incredible! These people ought to be so proud. Inspiration for when you need that little boost to keep going and get healthy. Thanks for posting!

  25. Zutara1235 says:

    I’ve been struggling so much with my weight…And this video was very inspirational…Of course my greatest fear is if I do loose the weight, I know I’ll have excess skin. How could I keep myself from having that after I loose all the weight?

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