5 Tips For Making Your Stomach Healthier

Your stomach is one of the most important systems in your body. Not only does it fight off foreign invaders, but it also breaks down that which gives you life-nutrients.

Thus, having a strong and healthy gut is essential for maximum quality of life. Anything less and your day to day living will suffer.

Thus, here is how to reverse digestive damage:

1. Avoid fiber supplements: Ironically, supplementing with fiber has been shown to decrease health. Eating natural fiber, however, has been shown to increase health. So make sure you get your fiber from natural sources, with the best source being vegetables. And don’t necessarily think whole grains are the way to go, they can spike blood sugar.

2. Hydrate: One of the most effective and simple things you can do to increase digestion is to simply drink water. Doing so will help food glide through your system. And more gliding translates into more digestive power. Just make sure you hydrate with purified water, don’t drink a bunch of sugary soft drinks!

3. Record how food makes your stomach feel: If you don’t keep a record of what’s going on, how are you supposed to know what you react badly to? A good accounting system can go a long ways in determining what foods are causing issues in your system. One of the most common bad boys is dairy.

4. Stay away from bad fats: Trans fats and saturated fat make your arteries rigid and they cause dangerous levels of inflammation. So make sure you minimize these nutrients as much as possible for maximum stomach health. As an added bonus, you will also lose some weight by eliminating these fats.

5. Get moving: The simple act of staying active is a great way to get the food passing through your system. You see, gravity can help relieve some of the work your stomach has to do. And any relief here will pay dividends in the long run. So make sure you don’t lead a sedentary life style.

Keeping your digestive system nice and young is a great way to increase your overall quality of life. So make sure you take action on these tips today, don’t delay!

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