401lb Weight Loss – Chris and David on ABC’s The View

David Elmore Smith was 630 pounds when he met Chris Powell in June of 2003. They made a pact to show the nation that the human body can lose weight safely and naturally. Using alternating patterns of nutrition delivery, daily movement and new lifestyle patterns, David lost a remarkable 401 lbs in just over 2 years. He is now a personal trainer and in the best shape of his life. This is their appearance with the ladies on The View!

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  1. newyorkeastside says:

    Sherri is a fat slob too…..she should do what this guy did to get in shape……plus the fact that PIZZA does not blow you up like this guy………I love my pizza and I wiegh 108 pds…..

  2. newyorkeastside says:

    why is sherri wearing michelle obamas blonde plastic wig? Now the both of them look like pork faced bitchs……..dam knuckle draggers refuse to go NATURAL and sport there RUG HEADS? Why?

  3. RoseSiegel says:

    the world needs more stories / guys like these… 🙂

  4. David..you are such an inspiration. You are my motivation and I wish you the best on your new life. You are awesome!!!

  5. nietsmmar2 says:

    for the women segment.. “very different results”, what they didn;’t get to how they wanted?

  6. valwensley says:

    God bless you David and your trainer Chris! I need to lose 100 lbs and you really give me the courage and inspiration to do it ,you can’t imagine! I know you went trough a lot in your life and I am sad for that but now you have a new life, and you will see the beauty in you and around you because you don’t take life for granted. Wow! Congratulation! Your story is very, very inspiring to me! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

  7. Kimberlene says:

    Yeah…A little. He was much smaller when he had that lose skin. Trust, David will not go back to what he used to look like. Hell no to that. LOL

  8. Kimberlene says:

    Shoot, David can be my personal trainer because I need all the help and guidance I need.

  9. kittybookitty says:

    You are awesome DAVID. These people have no idea what you went through and how strong you are. It’s amazing and you and Chris are such an inspiration.

  10. DrFantastic1987 says:

    wow …!!! I cried during this video.. simply amazing.. !!!
    keep going!

  11. I have a deep respect for your will, David. And a question: is it what now leads you to keep current diet and trainings, fear from becoming what you were or is it perhaps a philosophy that recognizes what comfort/junk foods really are and what they give you?

  12. david630lbs says:

    i have dropped 45lbs since this aired. i was bodybuilding. to add muscle naturally you NEED to add weight.

  13. he looked like he gained weight since 2007

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