4 Popular Ways On How To Conceive a Baby Girl – Cut Short Your Fail Attempts

If pink has always been your favorite color and you can’t wait to shop for pink mittens and booties, you are probably one of the many mother-wannabes who want to have a baby girl. Unless you are having an artificial insemination, there is really no specific method on how to conceive a baby girl. Gender of babies is always a 50/50 proposition. However, you may want to learn about some popular theories that claim to have a say on the issue.

1) Urban Legends

There are urban legends for almost everything, including gender selection of the unborn. If you have your goal set on a little princess and not a prince, it will certainly not hurt to try the following:

Eat more food which contain vegetables and fish and then follow them up with a chocolate dessert.

Have sex in the afternoon.

Never skip on having sex on a full moon.

Make love during the even-numbered days of the month.

Surprise your husband. A lot of people says that women who take proactive measures on having sex are more likely to have daughters.

2) 0+12 Method

This method was said to have been created by a mother who wanted to have a daughter after giving birth to six sons. This method involves having sex about 12 hours after the woman’s ovulation so she can conceive a baby girl. She came up with a method on how to conceive a baby girl using her own data.

3) The Shettles Method

It is based on the theory that Y chromosomes move faster than X chromosomes. The Shettles Method is another popular method on how to get pregnant fast. The method also suggests that couples should have sex daily from the end of the woman’s monthly period until about three days before she ovulates.

4) Dietary Supplements

Some people say that taking some dietary supplements is the key on how to conceive a baby girl. For instance, they say that magnesium and calcium supplements would increase the chance of a woman having a female baby. This, just like the other theories on how to conceive a baby girl, has never been scientifically proven effective. In addition, some herbs that increase the acid in the area of the vagina make it harder for Y chromosomes to survive, therefore letting the X chromosomes meet the egg instead. It is just logical to practice extra caution on any of them especially when it requires you to take an unknown substance.

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