A defined number of people sometimes experience having a hard time in trying to interact with others. Shyness, isolation, and lack of interest prevent people from having good interaction with others. This is felt by certain individuals and gets to a certain point that is constantly just hard to manage. There are people suffering from a specific type of anxiety.

Since anxiety is associated with fear and worry, social anxiety may also have the same characteristics or symptoms. People who are dealing with social anxiety feels that everyone around them is watching their every move, staring at them and whatever they might be doing, and even judging them (even if it is not really true). Socially anxious individuals cannot seem to relax and enjoy themselves while they are in public. These people think that other people are trying to evaluate them in some sort of way, being critical in what they do or say.

People dealing with social anxiety feels the self-awareness and the idea of critical judgment while they are in other people’s presence. It is hardly possible to just relax, focus, and go with the flow when one feels the anxiety and fear at the same time. People dealing with this type of anxiety would probably stay by themselves.

They seem more relaxed with doors shut behind them. Social anxiety is like paranoia, feeling that other people are paying attention to them, criticizing them, judging them always in an undesirable way. Some believe that Authority figures are the worst kind of people who socially anxious people can meet. Administrators and employers from their work, and those who seem better than them can make them feel a higher sense of anxiety, fear, and worry.

It is a known fact that not all people are aware of this specific type of anxiety dysfunction. Some people get diagnosed as having schizophrenia, manic depression, panic disorders, personality disorders, or even clinical depression. All these are just misdiagnosed that can do more harmful to the person with social anxiety.

Considering this situation, not all people with social anxiety knows that they have such a disorder, since this type of disorder is not generally discussed in the press. Therefore, they just tend to keep it to themselves, thinking that they are the only ones dealing with this kind of stress. Due to this, socially stressed people tend to feel the surge of depression.

They do not discuss to other people of their problems, their feelings and emotions. Everything seems bad in some ways, and all their thoughts are with out clarity.

Social anxiety is serious if not treated as soon as possible. Proper therapy and consultation should be provided to those who are suffering from this kind of anxiety. It is better to get help from therapy professionals in order to avoid an increase in this form of anxiety, since this would worsen as time goes by. Family members can be of big help too, seeing that their loved one is suffering from such an ordeal. Proper communication is key, and social anxiety could be treated in due time.

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