3 Tips You Need For How To Palmistry

Many of us today are utilizing the tools made readily available to us such as psychiatrists, psychologists, massage therapists, and even councilors. In a world that seems to just get more uncertain as the days go by, one specialized ancient art is really becoming more popular by the day. This is the ancient art of palm reading.

In the professional world the people who practice this art form are commonly referred to as palm readers and in some places of the world are called a “hand analyst.” Palm reading is believed to be traced back to ancient India and may also be known as Chiromancy and will help the reader study the lines in the palm of an individual to find out more about their personality and what might be in store for their future.

How To Palmistry And What You Need To Know About This Ancient Artform

It’s said that palm reading has ties into the astrology and fortune telling beliefs of the past and also modern way of living. Many people believe that the Greek philosopher Aristotle had received knowledge about palm reading as word of mouth spread to the East and the West.

Along with reading certain lines in the person’s hand the reader may also take a deeper look into some of the other features in the hand to pull out even more information that the individual will find of value. The more palm lines and mounts the reader notices are visible the more information they will provide to the person who’s hand is being read. This is a great insight to what may be in store for your future.

Your dominant hand, which will end up being the one that you use a majority of the time is the one that will end up being read by the palm reader. This is done because the dominant hand is the one that is believed to store the information about current life and what’s in store for the future. Many believe deeply in the Greek roots in palm reading and believe that everything is represented by a Greek Goddess or a Greek God.

You might see the ring of the finger being in direct correlation to Apollo who was a Greek God that symbolized characteristics tied to a person about music, harmony and even aesthetics. Most palm readers will get into reading the more fine details after they read the general features in palmistry such as the overall shape of the hand and the lines on the palm.

There are 4 different types of hands that are associated to palmistry which are the earth shape, the water shape, the fire shape, and the air shape. Each of these hand types will contain the head line, the heart line, the health line and sometimes the fate line on the palm. The hand analyst may also look at mounts such as the Mars, the Sun, The Rahu, and the Mars negative.

I remember the first time I had my palm read, I was shocked and amazed to reveal such valuable data about myself that I didn’t seem to be aware of. The more I learned about palm reading the easier it was for me to read other people’s palms and if you are lucky that can even amount to some nice paydays.

Just like you, Jeff K. has found palm reading very intriguing and created this quick yet informational video for you on How To Palmistry to understand more about palmistry basics.

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