2 Important Ingredients To Find In Any Skin Care Products

You can find some very good skin care products and some very bad ones. Not only that but you can find anti aging skin products that have potentially unhealthy and even carcinogenic ingredients.

That’s why there is a growing movement worldwide towards all natural skin care products. Even mainstream megacompanies like L’Oreal are now beginning to get a toehold in the market for all natural skin care products because they recognise that consumers are now turning away from many of the mainstream brand names because of the presence of chemical ingredients.

However today, rather than discuss ingredients that you don’t want to find in your anti aging skin products I want to discuss ingredients that you do want to find.

First of course it’s important to say that you need to choose products from a company with a demonstrated commitment to producing safe as well is effective anti aging skin products. There is no regulatory framework which governs which ingredients should or should not go into many products, and there is also no formal definition of what “organic” or “natural” really means, and companies can make all sorts of claims about how “organic” or “natural” the ingredients are in their products, when in fact they are not.

So you need to select your products carefully, from a company that clearly demonstrates a solid commitment to using only safe and effective ingredients.

Here’s an example the sorts of ingredients you ought to find in your all natural skin care products.

1. Phytessence Wakame is a seaweed commonly found around the coast of Japan. For complex reasons to do with the actions of an enzyme in the seaweed science has now begun to understand that eating Phytessence Wakame is good for your skin. And this explains why Japanese women have been known to have such great skin throughout the decades. Japanese women eat Phytessence Wakame, is a very big part of the Japanese diet.

And now science understands why Japanese women have such great looking skin. Not only that but science understands how to add the essential ingredients from this simple seaweed to skin care products so that they are both safe and effective.

2. And there’s a range of natural oils, many of which produce highly effective moisturising of the skin, and all of which are safe. Olive oil, macadamia nut oil, grapeseed oil, Shea butter and others are all safe for people and all have a role in high quality all natural skin care. However you’re unlikely to find any of these oils in mainstream anti aging skin products, primarily because there are much cheaper alternatives, such as mineral oil.

The move towards safe and natural anti aging products is gaining momentum as people begin to understand that the big brand name companies will, as long as they are able, use cheap chemical ingredients in their products, many of which are untested the safety and some of which are known to cause cancer.

And small niche companies with a demonstrated commitment to producing high quality products that are not only safe but also effective are starting to gain a toehold on the market, producing high quality all natural skin care products that work effectively. The best of these companies even offers you, the consumer, pay for money back guarantee.

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