10 of the Top Weight Loss Programs

Looking for a diversity of ways to lose weight? With all the information we have today about how we can lose weight easily, most of the time we end up flustered and confused.  We never know which program to use or which method to chose.  Many programs make us jump from one weight loss plan to the other.   We really never end up finishing what we started in the first place.

Well look no further. This article will show you 10 of the top weight loss programs out there so you can choose one and stick with it. With this information, you can begin to lose those extra pounds and start seeing the real you.  Here are they in random order.

Weight Watchers Program
This weight loss program focuses and trains participants about correct food choices and calorie counting. Through their live meetings and face-to-face buddy system, the Weight Watchers program allows participants to be accountable to what they eat.

Today there are several types of medical interventions that allow individuals to drastically change their bodies. Liposuction is one of them. It’s an invasive medical procedure that doesn’t change one’s metabolism however it deals with areas of fat storage that could take years to get off. It’s quite expensive but you get quick results.

Stomach Bypass
This is a medical procedure that involves re-sectioning of the stomach or what we sometimes call a gastric bypass. Medically, it’s also called the Billroth procedure. This option however is done only on a case by case basis and is definitely not for everyone.

The Band
Also an invasive medical intervention, today we also have the “band” where you don’t have to completely resection the stomach but instead have a band surgically placed in your stomach to decrease it’s volume capacity. Unlike the gastric bypass, the band can be removed.

Using Pills
This weight loss category is not an invasive procedure.  However it encourages clients to use medical science to aid them in losing excess weight.  It may be in the form of prescriptions that allow the body to metabolize faster like Xenical or commercially available fat burners.

Body Shapers
Body shapers are instruments that are used in procedures that allow the client to melt fat away through heat and sound. Unlike surgery, these procedures are non invasive however you do need the help of medical experts for the procedure.

Jenny Craig
This is another form of diet program that allows the client to just buy portion-controlled, prepared food in. If you are the type that hates preparing food to eat, then this diet program can work wonders for you.

Atkins Diet
This program is focus on fat metabolism by limiting carbohydrates and fat intake while eating protein in small but frequent portions throughout the day. Food preparation is key for this program to be successful.  However, people with medical conditions like diabetes, CHF, and ARF should consult with a doctor.

Go Vegan
This is not a program but a lifestyle change of choosing vegetables over meat. Although there are many forms of a vegan diets, they are all a healthier choice because they are natural.

Regular Exercise
This is the conventional 30-60min workout, 3 times a week with a sensible eating program. It may be done in the comfort of your own home or with a professional in a gym. It may be just regular sports activity as well.

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