1 Tip To More Muscle – Find Out How Long Your Workout Should Be

athleanx.com Back for another entry on the muscle building AthLEAN-X Training Blog. This one covers two common questions in one shot. Those being…”How do I build more muscle fast?” and “How long should my workout be?”. It really comes down to something called Time Under Tension. Go watch the average person working out in the gym and time how long it takes him or her to complete a set. The results might shock you. It takes the average person around 20-25 seconds to perform one set. Now …

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  1. ACDCAbel7 says:

    your exactly right man

  2. cfollowerforever says:

    what do u suggest i do??

    Thanks in advance:)

  3. Dopboyfreshh says:

    yeah it is, as long as you don’t do heavy weight, at low reps and sets then you are fine

  4. cfollowerforever says:

    I’m 16 years old and I play baseball.
    My biggest concern is I don’t want to get to big and slow, I just want to get stronger and quicker, are these workouts geared for guys playing baseball????

  5. by the way it has to be 12 rep for
    4 sec rep?

  6. the 3 sec down 1 up
    is better then 2 down and 2 up
    cause up is easier
    and down is way harder

  7. tazzpower says:

    About four weeks ago I slowed down my reps and it made such a difference in my training. I can’t do as many reps but I try to do as many as I can, just slowly.

  8. nightfire4107 says:

    Alright then I am doing it right. I do 2 seconds up and down. The 1 sec up and 3 sec down is challenging. I hope I will advance soon

  9. Yes….either 1 second up and 3 down or 2 up and 2 down.

  10. nightfire4107 says:

    So 4 seconds total with each reps?

  11. As long as it’s taking you that long to complete just 12 reps. You can’t just lift for 45 seconds, because that may allow you to do 16 or 17 reps for example…and that would alter your time under tension per rep, changing your results!

  12. @JDCav24


  13. You still need to contract the muscle, reverse direction, and control the return enough times to create an adaptation. I would say in my experience, the 12 reps gives you the time under tension you need as well as the right volume. Experience with fewer reps seemed to not produce the size gains as well as the strength gains

  14. Hollywoodundead1126 says:

    Would doing less reps slower work? like 8 with 5-6 seconds under tension work as well?

  15. great great great tip thx a bunch gonna do it like this now!

  16. BigSeksi07 says:

    Finally! An explanation as to why it is so important to do your reps slowly. I never knew that. Thanks a bunch.

  17. lmampusti says:

    You my friend is a genius!

  18. yeah brilliant vlog post jeff. this makes so much difference – burn is intense!

  19. What happens when you go longer than 45 seconds? Let’s say 1.5 minutes under tension, even if it means you just hang from the bar for the last 20 seconds?

  20. What a great explanation !
    That will completely changed the way that i work out thanks
    u seem to explain all the little things that every1 else misses or dosnt know
    thanks again

  21. NewportBecker says:

    great info vid, bro. thx

  22. Nice info, your vids really useful

  23. monkey9090 says:

    good info thanks bro

  24. H8RbyN8URE says:

    Fitness words to live by for sure!

  25. Thanks for the info. Although I am on another program I do find your stuff useful. Hell, I’d settle for being able to do pull ups again. I’ll get there. Soon.

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