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I used to think that workout videos were kind of stupid. I swore that I would never get a workout DVD, but I just recently did. I feel a little bit guilty admitting this, but I haven’t been able to get to the gym lately. I keep planning on having a great cardiovascular workout, but I just never have the time. I am always much too busy. With workout DVDs, however, it doesn’t matter. You do not need to drive all the way to the gym. You just need a little bit of time to exercise at home and you are all set.

The workout DVD that I got was pretty basic and no frills. I did not get one of those exercise ball DVDs that everyone is talking about nowadays. If there is one thing I don’t need, it is a giant inflatable ball to further clutter my small apartment. I figured that if I needed props to go along with the workout DVD, there was no point. You might as well go to a gym where they have all of the toys already if you want a complicated cardio exercise routine. That way you would have plenty of room to work out. A workout DVD and an exercise mat should be all you need to have a fantastic workout at home.

Using the aerobic workout DVD is a little bit strange to me. I have done workouts alone before, and I have done workouts in exercise classes, but I have never done one alone that pretends to be in an exercise class. Sometimes I get really into the workout DVD, and I forget that I am not actually there. I find myself wanting to ask the instructor a question, checking out the beautiful women, and thinking about the drive home. I guess I must be getting A pretty good workout!

All in all, it is not the best exercise DVD that I have ever seen, but it is pretty good. I still feel pretty silly doing the DVD workout at home, but I’m getting used to it quickly. It has been good for me because it has gotten me to exercise more than I would have otherwise. I just hope that the workout DVD doesn’t Become a permanent substitute for going to the gym. I still get a better workout when I go there than when I just workout at home!

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