Proffesional haircare products

´╗┐Women all over the world spend countless dollars on their hair. Could this be a pandemic? Well, no one seems to be getting hurt by the ritual. That is, unless you count your wallet or purse as an individual. They have to be feeling the loss. Where is this all going you may wonder? It’s all related to professional haircare products. How much do you feel you need them and how many do you purchase on a regular basis? Now onto the bigger question. Are professional haircare products really and truly BETTER than the countless alternatives you’ll find in the local drugstore of supermarket? No offense, but I’ll bet you don’t know.

You get what you pay for. I’ve heard this spiel a million times over and I’m only 31 years old. Everyone has something to say about the quality of material things or services. Now, just to be completely up-front right off the bat, I will agree with this notion in regards to some things. For example, a Porsche Carerra is a finer automobile and a KIA SUV. Big surprise there. I doubt anyone will argue in favor of the KIA’s quality. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the same for professional haircare products. Take a couple name-brand bottles of water. Aquafina is just as good as Evian, but not as pricey. In this case, spending more doesn’t mean getting more or higher quality. A fancier bottle maybe. Back to drugstore and professional haircare products. What’s the real difference? After watching a product review on this topic, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t much of one. The key is in the ingredients. NOT the brand name. So basically that Garnier shampoo and conditioner found at Walgreens will work just as well as the ones you purchased for much more from Aveda. The question is; do you want the haircare products to smell a certain way or come from a specific company? If so, then I can see why you’d fork out the dough for professional haircare products, as opposed to the less expensive alternatives.

To keep things simple, most drugstore and professional haircare products will have the same effect on your hair. Shampoos will wash them clean, and conditioners will moisturize the follicles and help keep them healthy. So in the end, it just comes down to what you’re willing to spend, and how much you love that brand name.

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