What to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

There are so many temptations and pitfalls just waiting to trip you up when you are in need of weight loss that it can be a challenge to avoid them when trying to lose weight.

One temptation that many fall prey to is to overeat when out at a restaurant, this of course leads to weight gain because of the added calories.

Others fall into the habit of eating foods high in fat or sugar. Most of what is served in restaurants is high fat and high sugar content. There are some restaurants that are serving some healthier foods on the menu so ask about low-fat or low-cholesterol alternatives when ordering.

Boredom, stress, frustration and depression can also cause weight gain. It is important to be aware of the possibilities and take action to avoid being bored, frustrated or depressed. If you notice that you are becoming frustrated try to talk things out with others to find solutions. If you are becoming depressed it is important to tell your doctor so you can receive help as soon as possible.

Many are also tempted to enjoy a sedentary lifestyle instead of being physically active and this can also lead to weight gain.

Avoid any fad, crash or Hollywood diet because although you may lose weight initially it will likely be water loss and after the diet when you start eating normally you will regain the weight and if you overeat do to being deprived of food while on the diet, you may even gain more weight than you originally lost.

A fad diet is one that makes unrealistic promises to those who desire to lose weight. Most fad diets are extremely low in carbohydrates and calories, which can give the individual water loss at first. Once your body receives more water you will regain that water weight.

Your doctor can give you a list of foods and drinks to avoid that are more likely to cause weight gain.

When trying to lose weight is also important not to rush into a diet plan or program but to take your time to investigate the program and those running it and to be sure that the diet is a safe and healthy one to be on. Your doctor can offer guidance when it comes to selecting a diet program or diet.

Be realistic in your weight loss goals and avoid disappointment. Make your weight loss goals short-term and ones that are attainable.

Avoid being overly strenuous physically if your body is not used to being physically active. Moderation is the key to starting any exercise program. This is especially true if you have previously had a sedentary lifestyle.

You should also avoid skipping meals or drastically reducing your caloric intake, as this can be very unhealthy for your body.

So to summarize make sure that you avoid boredom, depression, frustration, and stress as well as to avoid having a sedentary lifestyle by becoming more physically active. It is important to avoid the temptation of fad diets no matter how appealing the advertising may seem.

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