What Can Cause You To Lose Weight Unintentionally

It is considered to be unintentional weight loss when there is a decrease in body weight that you do not intentionally cause to happen in other words you are not on a diet or intent to lose weight by dieting or exercising.

There are many causes for unintentional weight loss including diseases such as AIDS, cancer, depression, chronic diarrhea, certain drugs can lead to weight loss such as amphetamines, chemotherapeutic agents, overuse of laxatives, and certain medications such as those used to treat thyroid conditions. Eating disorders can contribute to unintentional weight loss as well as malnutrition, and manipulative behavior in children. When individuals have mouth sores, braces, or dental work these things can also lead to weight loss. Certain lifestyles such as smoking can also lead to weight loss because smoking can at times replace healthy eating.

What you can do at home to avoid the things that can cause unintentional weight loss:

It is important to practice healthy diet habits and to use moderation when exercising. Be careful to listen carefully to instructions given to you by dental professionals in order to avoid dental causes of unintentional weight loss. Doctors can help to alert you to any possible diseases or medications that may cause weight loss so do all you can to follow medical advice so that if it is possible you can avoid weight loss.

It is important to report any unintentional weight loss to your doctor especially if a teen has unrealistic self-image issues and seems to be losing weight or dieting excessively. If an individual has lost more than 5% of normal body weight over a 6-month to 12-month period of time, and the weight loss cannot be explained the situation should be reported to a doctor. If you have other medical symptoms along with the unintentional weight loss it is also important to contact a doctor to determine the cause of the weight loss and the symptoms.

When experiencing unintentional weight loss it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible. There are some things that you can do to prepare for your medical visit such as writing down when you noticed the weight loss and how long you think the weight loss has been happening. Let the doctor know if you feel that the weight loss was sudden or if it developed slowly over time. Also, let the doctor know how much weight you have lost and if you were eating less than normal, on a diet or exercising more than normal. It is also important to let the doctor know if you have any other symptoms or if you have been sick recently or is still sick. Do you have mouth sores, or have you been vomiting or have had diahhrea? Have you fainted? Have you had any changes in your vision? Have you experienced increased thirst? Have you lost any hair?

It is also important to tell your doctor is you are taking any medications prescribed or other kinds including recreational drugs. Are you taking and diuretics, laxatives or street drugs? Are you drinking alcoholic beverages?

It is important that you tell your doctor is you are feeling depressed. It is important to tell your doctor how you are feeling about your unintentional weight loss such as are you feeling pleased or concerned about your weight loss?

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