What are the Myths or Misconceptions Concerning Losing Weight?

There are actually a surprising amount of myths and misconceptions concerning losing weight. The more you can sort through the myths and misconceptions surrounding losing weight the more you are able to gather the true facts about losing weight that will help you on your way to obtaining your ideal weight.

One weight loss misconception is that if you see a food item that is labeled as “natural” that it must be safe. The truth is that many of the “natural products” do not go through vigorous scientific tests. Your should run weight loss products by your doctor, before using them to get the approval of and advice of your doctor concerning any weight loss product’s safety.

A misconception concerning weight loss is that you can lose weight no matter what foods you choose to eat. The truth is that weight loss will only happen if you choose foods that are going to give you a calorie count that is lower than the amount of calorie energy you expel in exercise. In other words if you eat more calories then you burn off you will gain weight and if you burn more calories in exercise than you consume that day, you will lose weight.

Other people think that if you consume a food that is labeled as being low-fat that it has no calories and that they can eat as much of this food item as they want without gaining weight. The truth is that many foods that are labeled as being low in fat can be processed low-fat food products that contain just as many calories as the high-fat types. Some foods labeled as being low-fat are actually high in sugar, which would have a high calorie content.

Fast-food restaurant food has had a bad rap lately for being not a good choice when you are on a diet. The truth is that if you are knowledgeable about food and chose menu items that are low in fat and calories you can eat at a fast-food restaurant and still lose weight. The key is to choose sensible foods and to watch portion sizes. It is important not to order, “supersize” or not to drink a lot of soft drinks. Watch the condiments when eating out because they can add up the calories unexpectedly.

Ask the restaurant if the have a low-cal or healthy menu. Avoid bacon and cheese especially on sandwiches. It is also important to avoid french fries and any type of fried foods while trying to lose weight.

Hopefully learning about some of the myths and misconceptions concerning weight loss will help you avoid falling for one of them the next time you are out eating or the next time you

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