Weight Lifting Exercise

A lot of people begin exercising because they want to get “big”. They start a weight lifting routine, hoping that it will make them feel stronger, more powerful, and more confident. In reality, however, doing weight lifting exercise without a suitable cardiovascular program can be very dangerous.

Weight lifting exercises are good, but they are not the most important thing. Being big doesn’t matter. Having a healthy heart and a limber body is what matters the most. A weight lifting routine, in fact, is not even necessary to becoming strong. Don’t get me wrong – weight exercise can make you much stronger than you are. The important thing, however, is to always work out in a healthy way.

This means that before you start your weight training exercises, you should make sure that you are in good shape. Not only should you jog, bike, swim, or do some other cardiovascular exercise every day before lifting weights, but you should also make sure to stretch. Stretching is crucial for weight lifting exercise. It is surprising how many personal trainers forget to explain this, but if you don’t stretch first, you can rip something. You can find weight lifting routines on the Internet that promise to make you big overnight, but if you get injured while doing your weight lifting exercise program it doesn’t matter. You will never get big if you are laid up in the hospital!

When you are doing weight lifting exercises, it is almost crucial to have a partner. Having a weight lifting exercise partner is good for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that it will encourage you to do the routine in a safe, constructive manner. Your partner will know what your limits are, encourage you to challenge them, but also letting you know when you should probably back off.

Even more importantly, however, a partner can spot you when you are lifting free weights. You should never do weight lifting exercise with free weights unless you have a spotter. If you do, you can end up seriously injured or even dead! You can use weight training machines without a partner, but the free weights require one!

When you are doing weight lifting exercise, it is important to think about your goals. Is it more important to be big, or to be strong? If you want to be strong as well as big, you must do different kinds of weight lifting exercises. Not only should you do high weight lifts, but you should also do low weight reps.

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