Weight Exercise

We’re here to PUMP YOU UP! Surely you recall those old “Saturday Night Live” episodes with Dana Carvy and Kevin Neiland. It was all about pumping iron and getting ripped. Okay, maybe not so much. But, these guys were on the right track by encouraging weight exercise routines. After all, this is the best way to strengthen your body. Now I will warn you right away that it doesn’t happen overnight. Proper weight training is something that takes time, serious effort and a diligent attitude. At least if you want to see real results.

Choose a gym or purchase the equipment. Most folks tend to go with option A because it’s much less expensive in the beginning. If you really wanted to purchase all the weight exercise equipment, you’d be forking out thousands and thousands of dollars. However, you can start with some basics. A weight bench is crucial. You can find a decent one on the Internet for 100 bucks. Then you’ll need a barbell, plates, and a few dumbbells. These are the products I bought when I decided I wanted to do weight exercise routines in my garage. Driving 15 minutes to the gym four days a week is not for me. That’s 30 minutes spent driving and several more wiping off equipment before you use it. But, to each his own. A large gym or fitness center will definitely have plenty of machines to offer. This can be beneficial. When beginning a weight exercise regimen, you should break it up into days. Let’s say you work your triceps, chest and shoulders on Monday. Take Tuesday off, and work your legs and abs on Wednesday. Then comes your biceps, back, and forearms on Friday. You get the picture. A day on and a day off for proper recovery. Doing an exercise like the flat bench three days in a row will only hurt you. Your pectorals and triceps need time to heal and recover. It’s when you rest that your muscles grow.

Stick with the schedule. If you’re really looking for results with weight exercise routines, then you have to keep at it. Eat right and switch up your exercises and schedule every four to six weeks. This will keep your muscles from adapting. You want to make them work and grow stronger. This means variation. Oh, and don’t forget to consume plenty of water. Our muscle fibers thrive off of it.

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