Teeth Whitening System

I have always maintained an exceptional standard of dental hygiene. As I grew older, however, my teeth inevitably lost some of their shine. I never really liked teeth whitening toothpaste before. teeth whitening systems seemed pretty vain and pointless to me. I did not know what they used as bleaching agent in the teeth whitening system, and did not want to risk my health for whiter teeth. That was before I had any problems with white teeth. Nowadays, my teeth are yellower, and I am embarrassed about them. Teeth whitening systems seem more appealing than before now that I’m actually faced with the problems of ugly teeth!

The first teeth whitening system that I ever tried was a simple toothpaste. It promised to give me whiter teeth in five days, but could not deliver on its promise. I suppose that my teeth might have been a shade or two whiter, but the difference was hardly noticeable. I tried several other teeth whitening system brands, but none of them helped. I tried tooth whitening gum, but I had no results either. I went in for a professional tooth cleaning, and that seemed to help a little bit, but within a week or two my teeth were the same old color again. I knew that I needed to find a better teeth whitening system, or I would die of embarrassment.

I gradually got into more elaborate methods of tooth whitening. There is actually a way of using hydrogen peroxide whitening to make your teeth whiter. Unfortunately, this is not a get method. You see, hydrogen peroxide is very harsh. I even heard rumors that it could make your gums bleed! Nonetheless, I tried this teeth whitening system out, and I had some good results with it. It was not enough, but it was a start.

In the end, I went in for a laser teeth whitening treatment. In some ways, it was the very simplest teeth whitening system. All I had to do was go in for a few laser treatments, and it was all done. The teeth whitening treatment would eventually fade, but I can always get it done again. This teeth whitening system is extremely expensive, but it was worth it. My teeth have looked much better since then, and three years have already passed. Although it was a little bit less convenient than an at home whitening teeth system, it was a whole lot more effective.

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