Starting a New Diet without Setting Yourself Up For Failure

Getting slim and trim is becoming the quintessential American dream; this is not a surprising development, considering the alarming numbers cited when discussing obesity. Unfortunately, failure is its close cousin and more often than not, New Year’s Eve diet and exercise resolutions fail – usually within the first couple of months. While at times it is hard to pinpoint the reasons for failure, other times the various mistakes made can be traced back to one common denominator: a lack of motivation.

Even the initially most committed individual cannot keep on cheerleading for themselves for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes the motivation sags when it comes to going it alone in the face of so many temptations. After all, there is a lot more to losing weight than just running on the treadmill and not eating that glazed donut. You will find that dieting is a lot of tough work, dodging temptations at every corner, a lack of support, and of course a complete lack of understanding just how hard it is to maintain an avoidance of sugary and calorie laden lures.

Although there is no guarantee that you can completely eliminate this danger, starting a new diet without setting yourself up for failure will be a surefire way of ensuring that you will still go strong when June comes.

* Start by defining your weight loss goals and write down benchmarks. Contrary to popular opinion, you will not get frustrated when you fail to reach one or more benchmarks as planned, but instead you will have the benefit of evaluating your losing weight one segment at a time, identifying what works and then discontinuing what does not work.
* Do not play catch-up but acknowledge when you fall off the wagon. While you can start early in the morning and do well, you may have a lapse in judgment in the afternoon hours. Beating yourself up over minor failures is counterproductive and needs to be nipped in the bud. Come up with a set of realistic goals that work within the framework of your diet, and then make every effort to stick with them.
* Starting a diet regimen without setting yourself up for failure also requires that you have the tools of the trade. Even as it is the biggest mistake fresh baked health and diet aficionados make is to buy a lot of gadgetry and dietary supplements right at the onset, the fact that a pedometer, a set of necessary dietary weight loss supplements, and also vitamins are needed should not be overlooked. Do not allow yourself to use poor quality equipment or generic supplements just to save a few dollars. The odds are good that this kind of compromise early on in your diet is going to get you to fail rather quickly.

While these suggestions do not guarantee weight loss success, they go a long ways to avoiding dieting failure and yet another yoyo diet from taking hold in your life. Evaluate if what you are doing is agreeable to you and also fits into your lifestyle. If there are problems, change things around as you go, rather than holding on to things that simply do not work for you.

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