Spotting Weight Loss Supplement Scams

It is time to shed some weight and you are enthusiastic to get started. You may already run some online searches and perhaps even narrowed down your choices to a few sites that seem to hold quite a bit of promise. In some cases you may even be following up on the advice of a friend, coworker, or perhaps simply following the link of an email you have received. Amusingly, did you know that there are four places where looking for weight loss supplements will almost certainly lead you to the virtual front door of a scammer?

1. Unsolicited emails in your inbox are a surefire locale where looking for weight loss supplements might quite possibly lead you to a scam artist. If you receive spam emails that claim to have the latest and greatest in Chinese weight loss supplementation, you know that you are asked to pay your hard earned money for something that may not be grounded in reality. Stay away from it. No reputable seller of any nutritional supplementation has the need to spam potential consumers.
2. An obvious scam is the website that declares it is selling a miracle product. This may be a weight loss product which claims to be melting away the fat while you sleep, a wellness product that promises a boost to the metabolism for fat burning, a prepackaged meal plan and diet book that offers to tell you secrets that a mythical “they” do not want anyone to know, or simply a patch that – when applied to the abdomen – will somehow cause weight loss in no time. In other words, the claims are simply too good to be true. What makes the prospect so tempting is the fact that you can supposedly start losing weight as soon as the mail carrier brings the item to your door. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and before long you will be just as slim and trim as the models whose photos grace the website! Who would not want to go for this deal? Hopefully you will know better than to fall for these impossible promises.
3. A website you visit claims that with the help of their e-mail hypnosis – which you may request any time you so choose – you can lose weight with the help of hypnosis; this is little more than a sales ad for an online membership to a spiritualism website and is not truly a solid weight loss idea. The reason why this kind of scam actually works quite well is the fact that it is in part grounded in solid medical research. There are actual hypnotherapists who work with obese patients to help them with will power, self affirmation, self esteem, goal setting, and also motivation. Unfortunately, it does not work via email.
4. Stay away from websites that are little more than long-winded ads for a product or service that is not mentioned by name at any time, but instead is only loosely referred to in testimonials. In the end you are asked to charge $19.99, $29.99 or some such sum to your credit for the privilege of finding out about the weight loss supplement. This is not the place to find pills for losing weight, but instead a multi level marketing campaign to sign you up on someone’s down line.

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