Recipies For Turkey

Today people are making more of an effort to eat nutritional meals. There are so many conflicting studies regarding what makes up a healthy diet, however most nutritionists agree that a balance of lean meats, vegetables, fruits and grains will help keep the body strong and working properly. The biggest challenge is finding a variety of ways to prepare these foods so that they do not become boring. It is often times when we get bored with our meals that we turn to less nutritious alternatives.

One of the lean meat alternatives that is more readily available today is turkey. In the past people only made turkey for special occasions, because they were sold whole. Today you can purchase turkey in many forms and there are many recipes for turkey that are quick to fix and very tasty. Turkey can usually be found next to chicken in the fresh meat section. Turkey is available in light or dark meat. There is ground turkey and also several varieties of sausage that is made from turkey. One great way to cut the fat and calories at breakfast is to substitute turkey sausage for the higher calorie beef or pork links. There are many recipes for turkey, but you can also substitute turkey in most chicken recipes.

An old favorite such as meat loaf and burgers can be served with ground turkey to cut the fat. Some people like to use poultry seasoning in their recipes for turkey, but I find that pork seasonings also work very well. In browning ground turkey you may need to add a small amount of olive oil to the pan because the turkey is so lean. The oil will help to give the meat a nice caramelized color which greatly enhances the recipes for turkey when using the ground version. The ground turkey does have a slightly sweeter taste than ground beef. Do not make the mistake of salting it too much; rather add fresh thyme or sage to bring out the flavors.

With the number of recipes for turkey that are available this meat adds another great menu selection for the family. Remember that even though the recipes for turkey are great there is still always the option of roasting the whole bird. I no longer wait for a special occasion to roast a whole turkey. It is an easy economical way to get several meals. It only takes a few minutes to wash and season a turkey and place it in a roaster for a few hours and you are done. You can use the left over meat to use in your favorite recipes for turkey and make soup out of the carcass. A few hours of roasting provides several tasty meals.

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