Put On Weight

Even though we have hundreds of things to worry about each day, most people worry about their weight first and foremost. I always thought it was just those who thought they had to lose weight that obsess, but I know a lot of people who our an ideal weight who worry that they might put on weight. This is a worry for them every single day, and they seem to talk about it more than those who have to lose. For anyone who has to lose weight, there may be nothing more annoying than hearing a thin person talking about how worried they are about gaining.

My first roommate in college was very thin. She used to go on and on about how she was afraid she was going to put on weight and look like a whale. At this time, I was about twenty pounds heavier than she was. I don’t think she realized how discouraging her words were. If she were to put on five pounds, and that would make her look like a whale, what did that make me? I guess she never really thought about what her words were saying to me, but there were times when she would start to talk about how horrible it would be to put on weight and I would have to leave the room.

There are some people who really do need to worry about gaining weight. Those who have lost and have reached an ideal body weight often have to worry that they will put the weight back on very fast. Usually when someone who has lost begins to put on weight it creeps up really fast. There are also those who are entirely too thin, and their daily concern is also how to put on weight. There are some though, who will talk about how they want to put on weight, but you know they really don’t mean it.

If you seriously think you want to put on weight, you have to find a healthy way to do so. Sitting around and eating junk food will most definitely put pounds on your frame, but these are not the kind of pounds that you want. There are a great many diet programs out there that help you put on weight safely. This may include increasing your protein intake, and changing your workouts so that you work on building muscle rather than burning off fat. With so many overweight people in the world, you would think it would be very easy to put on weight. The problem is that there is only a few safe ways to do so. Make sure you take the safe road if this is your goal.

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