Organic Fruit

Did you know that you’re supposed to consume 8 fruits and vegetables a day? Eight servings anyway. That’s four vegetables and four fruits every 24 hours. Who in the world eats all that? I can’t say that I do. To be completely honest, I eat around three a day. Two vegetables and one fruit. I guess I’m not abiding by the recommended daily allowance. Of course there are alternatives to the whole fruits and vegetables. One of the more popular ones is V-8. This beverage alone is supposed to provide you with your daily recommended allowance. I just might start drinking these to keep things simple. But, there is a sodium issue. The original V-8 drink is loaded with salt. So if you’re going to take this route, I suggest that you purchase the low sodium version. Now, let’s not forget about the organic fruit and vegetables at our disposal. These are what are recommended now days. Do you know why?

You may wonder what makes organic fruit and vegetables healthier than the other array of apples, bananas, oranges, beans, carrots, and broccoli you see in the local supermarket. Well, there are a few distinctions actually. It all begins with the pesticides. Most farmers are using nasty pesticides on their fruits and vegetables in order to assist their farming abilities and increase produce numbers. Sadly these chemicals bleed into the fruits and vegetables, hence leaving them tainted and less healthy. Many folks believe that pesticides lead to cancer and other health afflictions. Naturally this encourages us to avoid them. Then there are the organic fruit and produce options. Organic produce is grown all natural, and doesn’t contain harmful pesticides and chemicals. Another aspect you may notice about the produce in your grocery store is the appearance. Organic fruit is not waxed and polished-up to look desirable. It’s 100 percent natural produce.

Not long ago I considered the fruits and vegetables we were eating. I had to start shopping smart and thinking about the children. I don’t want them consuming pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics on a regular basis. This is why I began purchasing only organic fruit, meat, and dairy products. It certainly pays to eat healthy. You’ll see the difference more as you age.

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