Natural Acne remedies

As a doctor, I am pretty suspicious of naturopathic medicine. Most of it is complete nonsense, made by manipulative people to con gullible people out of their hard earned money. Nevertheless, some natural home remedies really do work. There are some conditions that simply do not require harsh pharmaceutical drugs. Acne is one of the most pervasive. Natural acne remedies work every bit as well as the drugs, without some of the side effects.

When my son came down with a bad case of acne, he was surprised that I wanted him to try a natural acne remedy. He didn’t want natural acne remedies. He was just starting to be interested in girls, and suddenly he had this horrible case of acne all over his face. He felt terrible, and naturally he wanted the strongest medication available. Nonetheless, I told him that I wouldn’t take him to the doctor until he tried some remedies for acne natural. Reluctantly, he agreed. We began natural treatments for acne.

Medical treatments for acne usually revolve around cortisone creams, antibiotic pills, and other drugs. Natural acne remedies, by contrast, start with diet. It is amazing how much you can reduce acne by feeding the right diet to the children. Teenagers eat so much junk food that it is no wonder that they get acne all over their faces. Many of the worst cases of acne, I have found, can be reduced if not outright eliminated by introducing a healthy diet. This is where a natural acne remedy started.

Unfortunately, some people need more thorough natural acne remedies. My son was one of them. The diet helped a lot, but it did not eliminate the acne or reduce it to a level that he was comfortable with. His face was no longer completely covered with acne, but it still had quite a bit on it. We decided to try some more natural acne remedies. I took him to a naturopathic health specialists, and he prescribed several herbal supplements. In addition to using witch hazel, he was taking vitamin pills and using a topical lotion with vitamin A.. It worked wonders. By simply using some non-antibiotic cream, changing his diet, and taking more vitamins, he was able to almost completely eliminate the acne. He still gets attacks of it from time to time, but it is much better than ever before. It has never come back strongly since.

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