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It’s time ladies and gentlemen. A fresh year has begun and everyone should be hitting those New Year’s resolutions like never before. As any fool can guess, most of them have to do with diet and exercise. Basically you need less of one and more of the other. While Americans continue to stuff their faces, they far too often forget to work off the extra calories. Let’s flip the statistics and make it a healthy year. This mean more exercise and less food. There’s no doubt you can get it done if you just put forth some effort. There are plenty of basic muscle and fitness regimens to begin with. All it takes is a little will power.

When starting a new muscle and fitness program, you’d better be ready for a few aches and pains. I don’t care if you’re running for two miles on a treadmill, or seeing where you stand with the bench press, you will end up with some sore body parts. This is not only to be expected, but it’s a good thing. When you take up a weight lifting routine, your muscles are forced to adjust. This is why it’s imperative to start off small. Find out where you stand by lifting small weights and building up. You should be able to accomplish 8-12 reps per set. If you can do plenty more, then you need to add weight. On the contrary, if you can only do like one or two, then you’re at your max. This is not a good place to begin if you’re trying to pack on lean muscle. Personally I like to do six sets of bench press each week. My goal is to gain lean muscle mass. Therefore I eat right and exhaust the muscles when I work out. I start with something low such as 110 pounds. I can easily do a dozen of these. Then I bump the weight up 20 pounds. Now I can do around 10 reps. I increase with each set. By my sixth set, I’m hitting my max. This puts that extra strain on the muscle fibers in my chest and triceps, tearing them. Now it’s time to heal. Over the next week, I rest and allow my body to repair so that I’m ready again next time. This is a muscle and fitness routine I learned from a trainer at the local YMCA. You can apply it to any weight training exercise. Although it’s crucial to lift properly, it’s essential to recuperate and eat right also.

Don’t expect over-night results. Any decent muscle and fitness program takes time and hard work. Consume plenty of protein and healthy carbs for energy and repair. And if you’re searching for an extra edge, you may want to give whey protein supplements a shot.

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