´╗┐Metabolism Myths That Railroad Your Weight Loss Efforts

You know that your metabolism is the bodily mechanism that runs 24/7 and holds the key to your weight loss success or failure. Ignore the metabolism, and you can eat whatever cardboard flavored food you like, your weight loss will be slow and arduous; conversely, tweak your metabolism and work with it, and you might be losing weight at record speeds. This then begs the question why so many dieters have not yet caught on to the metabolic facts that could make them thinner in record time. One reason, and albeit the most likely one, are the metabolism myths that railroad your weight loss efforts have been accepted as gospel truth instead of lore. Do you know what they are?

There is the myth that your metabolism virtually goes to a molasses like speed when you get older. While it is true that the metabolism does indeed slow a bit as you age, the real slow down takes place because lean muscle mass goes missing. You have send middle aged men who suddenly turn flabby? This is not due to their age impacted metabolism but their failure to maintain the lean muscle mass the body needs to keep it running high. How can you get more lean muscle mass to make up for what you lost? Exercise! Resistance training exercises are what your body needs to maintain lean muscle mass.

Then there is the myth that the morning exercise you see people do on TV right after jumping out of bed is going to kick start your metabolism and have it running at a higher gear until bedtime. This is sadly not true. It matters little if you exercise before the crack of dawn or after dusk. The only way the metabolism gets kicked into higher gear is when exercise is employed at all. The metabolism myth that has railroaded so many weight loss efforts is the notion that unless you find that perfect time for your exercise, it will matter little to your overall hopes of shedding pounds. The only advantage to morning exercise is the fact that this will make you less likely to forget it as the day hurries on and gets busier.

Another persistent myth centers on the idea that you must eat a protein rich snack within 30 minutes of concluding your work out practice to keep your metabolism running high. It is vague why this myth has cropped up, but perhaps it has found its origin in the juice bars that have sprung up in gyms across the country, and where supposedly healthy shakes and smoothies are being sold to sweaty customers. There is, however, one advantage to eating a small, healthy snack after finishing your exercise routine: you stabilize your blood glucose levels. This may actually help you if you find that suddenly you have a virtually impossible to resist craving for a fast food meal or other forbidden food that has the power to undo your diet. Stabilizing your blood sugar is vital in staving of this kind of craving.

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