Low Fat Cooking

More and more people are looking into low-fat cooking to help stay healthy and lose weight. Even if you don’t have any way to lose you might still want to find healthier foods for your family. It is estimated that over half the population of the world is overweight, and many of those people are in the more modern countries like the United States. There is also a rash of obese children growing up today. Many times the reasons for these problems are because of the way we eat.

Low-fat cooking is something that is rather new. I remember meals my grandmother used to cook, and you could never consider any of them to be low-fat cooking. Even though many of these meals are high in fat and calories, life as it was back then was more active. Today, more and more people have sedentary jobs, and there are also many things to do in the home that keep people from going outside and exercising. Because of this, low-fat cooking has become more and more important

There are many simple ways you can enjoy low-fat cooking without compromising on taste. One of the best things you can do is to cook with a healthy oil. Though you may still be getting calories from the fat, at least you know you’re using a healthy fat. Try to exchange your vegetable oil for a healthier oil like canola or olive oil. This will cut out the trans fats in your diet that may be harming your heart. For truly low-fat cooking, you must eliminate the oil altogether. You can accomplish this by using your oven and putting away your deep fryer.

You might also enjoy low-fat cooking by replacing many of your favorite recipes with ones that are only slightly altered. Though you may not be able to get rid of all of the fat in your diet, every little bit you can get rid of will help. If you can choose between getting 500 calories a day from cooking oil, as opposed to 200, what would you do? Many people think of low-fat cooking as something that completely eliminates the fat from your diet. This is not true, but you should drastically cut down on the number of calories you get this way. Everyone needs fats in their diets to remain healthy, but it is far better for you if you stick to low-fat cooking when making your favorite meals.

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