low carb diet

There have been many warnings that a low carb diet is not the best for anyone. I would beg to differ. Not because I can say I lost hundreds of pounds on one, but I do believe the science behind it. You can’t just stuff yourself with meat and think it’s all going to be okay though. The are certain medical conditions that warrant a drop in the amount of carbs that a person should have, and it would make sense that there are medical reasons why some should use this type of diet.

The most popular low carb diet is Atkins. They are all somewhat the same in theory, though they all recommend different amounts of carbs. The Atkins diet starts off with just 20 carbs per day for two weeks. This is tough, but many lose weight right off the bat. Some say it is water weight, but even then, that is a great incentive for someone to keep going and to stick with their low carb diet. The first few weeks of any diet are the hardest, so if you see weight loss, it might make it a whole lot easier.

Those with insulin resistance will really benefit from a low carb diet, but it is always a good idea to talk it over with a doctor before beginning. However, insulin resistance means that the body does not register the insulin it produces, and when it senses carbs, it produces more. This makes the pancreas work overtime, and in the end it will burn out and a person will have type 2 diabetes. The body also thinks something is wrong and stores all calories as fat, and weight gain can be substantial. There are many other smaller problems that can occur in the body as well, including infertility in women, a spike in testosterone, hair growing in odd places, and chronic feelings of fatigue.

When you remove many of the carbs by going on a low carb diet, this stops the vicious cycle of insulin production. Those with this problem often feel dizzy and have sugar spikes when eating carbs, and this type of diet will take those away within a few days. After a week, many who have started a low carb diet say that they feel better than they have in a long time. Those without insulin problems don’t really need this type of diet, but they can lose weight on it as well.

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