Low Carb Cooking

Health is a major issue in today’s current events. You’d literally have to be living under a rock somewhere to miss this. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard scientists come out with new findings. First they say eggs are not good for you, and later they say never mind. Things can get a tad confusing at times. Often I have trouble determining what’s healthy and what’s not. Well, one aspect of eating that everyone currently believes concerns carbohydrates. You don’t want too many of them. Welcome to the new age of low carb cooking. Hopefully taste will not be sacrificed.

Believe it or not, but there are ways to cook light and enjoy your meals. Let’s think about low carb cooking for a moment. First of all, what are carbs? To keep it simple, carbs are what we attain from breads, grains, and vegetables. Needless to say, there are healthy carbs and there are not so healthy carbs. Why do we need carbs? They’re our greatest long-term energy source. Healthy carbohydrates will keep you going and allow you to feel energized. An example of some healthy carbs would be whole grain pasta and broccoli. Now, you’re probably wondering about that low carb cooking. In all honesty, many people are turning to this as a means of losing weight. If you consume too many carbs and don’t burn them off, your body will store them as fat, hence making you gain weight. This is why low carb cooking came about in the first place. Many people are turning their focus to lean meats for a source of protein and healthy organic vegetables as a source of carbs, fiber and other vitamins. A meal consisting of salmon and steamed asparagus would be a perfect example of low carb cooking.

Don’t go too crazy with the meat. I see far too many companies taking full advantage of the low carb cooking craze. Fast food joints like KFC are pitching their spiel about how low the carb count is in their chicken. Haa, what a joke! Let’s not forget about the high fat, sodium and oodles of cholesterol. These should be avoided as well. Just because you’re starting the low carb cooking routine, doesn’t mean you should substitute the breads with tons of greasy, fatty meat. That eating habit will kill you also.

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