Low Carb Breakfast

One of the most challenging aspects of dieting is finding a good low carb breakfast to start off the day. While you may feel tempted to skip this very important meal, you may find that there are a handful of healthy eating options that you can choose. A low carb breakfast may not be easy to come by but it is necessary for your weight loss plans.

There is good reason for choosing to have a healthy meal at the start of the day, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Individuals who have a low carb breakfast on a daily basis take in fewer calories throughout the rest of the day. This is because the early meal levels off blood sugar in the person’s system. When blood sugar spikes, hunger ensues.

Another reason that you want to incorporate a low carb breakfast is your metabolism. Anyone who has a sluggish metabolic rate can rev things up by eating early in the day. This early meal helps your body to start burning right away. If you skip breakfast you may find that your metabolic rate will slow down to accommodate the lack of nutrients.

When I was on a low fat diet, breakfast was simple. Waffles and pancakes have next to no fat and syrup was a great morning treat. All I had to do was skip the butter. A low carb breakfast from this menu would involve butter alone. This just doesn’t work. Forget most cereals because they are packed with carbohydrates.

There is a whole list of items that you can’t have for a low carb breakfast. No croissant sandwiches or bagels are included on the list. You also have to forgo most convenient breakfast bars that are designed for nutrition on the go. However, I’m really interested in what I can have instead of what I can’t.

When we focus on what we can’t have, we tend to get a little obsessed. Instead, look to the many great low carb breakfast options that are available. Why not have nice, cheese omelets throughout the week? You will have to skip the toast but that really doesn’t matter when it comes to this satisfying low carb breakfast.

Ham, sausage and bacon are real treats for most people on low carbohydrate diets but there is a slight problem with over indulging in these foods. They are packed with fat. While you do want to steer away from carbohydrates, you also want to balance your fat intake as well.

Choosing turkey bacon and low fat sausages is a great way to enjoy your low carb breakfast without over doing it with the fatty intake. Nuts and high protein nutrition bars are also wonderful and fulfilling additions to this dieting approach. No matter what, just make sure that you eat early in the day. It’s best to have a low carb breakfast but a bowl of cereal is better than skipping this very important meal.

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