Lose Weight Quickly

It’s amusing when people rave about how they’re on a diet. In reality, we’re all on diets. If you eat, you’re on some kind of diet. Naturally when folks speak of diet plans, they’re most likely talking about one that’s supposed to aid them in dropping a few pounds. It’s a redundant cycle in our red, white and blue country of fast food, convenience, and high fat snack foods. And the even funnier part is that everyone is searching for the quick-fix. They want a diet plan that allows them to lose wieght quickly, and not have to put much effort fourth. Well, good luck with that! If you really intend to get the weight off and keep it that way, you might have to put some elbow grease into the process.

My wife and teenage daughter are both on diet plans that will supposedly help them shed body fat. These are eating plans that they both concocted on their own. Although my wife’s is fairly reasonable, since she sticks to a low-fat, low-sugar meal plan consisting of small portions at a time; my daughter’s is not so realistic. She has cut fast food and sugary desserts out of her daily food consumption, but she eats too large of portions. This is a terrible idea if your goal is to lose wieght quickly. She incorporates way too many carbs and condiments into her meals. It’s like she can’t eat without ketchup, pickle relish, mayonnaise and salad dressing. Oh, and let’s not forget bread. She has white bread with every meal. I tried not to interfere, but had to tell her that the condiments are loaded with sugar and sodium, which are both bad for your body. And the bread consists of bad carbs, which will break down into sugar and most likely get stored as fat. Did she listen to me? Of course not; and she hasn’t made any progress. My wife on the other hand, has. In order to successfully lose wieght quickly you have to adopt a healthy diet, consisting of smaller portions. Try five small meals a day, as opposed to three large ones.

Forget about “quick-fix” drugs if you’re striving to lose wieght quickly. These are simply not healthy! Many of them pull water from your muscles and organs so that it appears you’ve lost weight. Others force foods through your system, preventing your body from absorbing the fat. It’s common sense that this is NOT HEALTHY. The best way to lose wieght quickly is still through healthy dieting and regular exercise.

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