Lifting Weights

For men, being brawn and physically powerful naturally becomes a desire at some point in your life. Most likely by the time you hit your teen years. Whether some guys admit it or not, a part of them crave big guns and ripped abs. It’s no secret that this is what most women find physically appealing. Of course this doesn’t mean that every male on the planet will start lifting weight in order to bulk up. Let’s face it; many of us are just too lazy. Pumping iron is not exactly a requirement for self-preservation these days. Regardless, there are still many avid weight lifters around the globe. Ask any of them, and they will tell you that the key to bulking up is not all in the heavy plates and dumbbells. A large part of it concerns proper form and a healthy diet plan.

It wasn’t long ago when I started weight training in my garage. Although I wanted to begin lifting weight on a regular basis, I had no interest in joining a gym. I’d much prefer to lift at my convenience, and in the privacy of my own home. You can do the same. There are countless weight training machines and free weights available to get you started. You may want to purchase a decent weight bench, barbell, and set of plates to get started. I began with a 300 pound set. Not that I could bench this right off the bat, but at least I’ll have enough for the future as well. Now, as I stated before, when lifting weight, the most essential aspect is to adopt proper form and DO NOT over-lift. Start small and see where you stand. You should be able to accomplish 8-12 reps in a row. So forget about stacking on the 45 lb plates and focus on playing it safe. In addition to this, you’re going to need to eat right. A healthy balanced diet with lean meats such as poultry and fish is ideal. Take in as many vegetables and fruits as you please. Stick to the healthy grains such at low-fat granola, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. These offer good carbs for energy, but won’t weigh you down and have you feeling lazy like high-fat and high-sugar foods will.

If you’re planning to start lifting weight, but aren’t sure what exercises are the most beneficial; you may want to consult a personal trainer to get you started. In my opinion the bench press, military press, squats, decline bench press, and preacher curls are great for stacking on the muscle.

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