I want to lose weight

Just like most of the women I know, I want to lose weight. The desire is quite common among my friends and me that we decided to do something about it together. Instead of standing back and thinking about how much I want to lose wieght, I decided to enlist some help.

Using the buddy system is a great approach to diet and exercise. My friend and I used to meet for lunch or for happy hour. Now that I want to lose weight like the rest of the crew, we are now meeting for brisk walks and trips to the local gym. There are plenty of options out there and I didn’t know about them until I decided that I want to lose wieght.

Having a good support system is crucial to our success. We work together to make sure that we keep a healthy pace during our walks. I know that when I want to lose weight that I have to keep my heart rate up for at least 20 minutes. When I walk alone I tend to stroll and lose the necessary stride.

There is also an appeal in the sense of competition among the group. Of the four of us, I think that I want to lose weight the most. However, I know that we are in a subtle competition that occasionally rears its ugly head in a good kind of way. Soon we will be having weigh-ins and maybe even prizes but for now losing the pounds is enough.

Meeting with friends over some cocktails is also really fun and on occasion I think that we should indulge in a night out on the town. I want to lose wieght so bad that I will probably offer to be designated driver during the special night out. This will save a lot of calories.

There are other things to consider when working towards a goal like this. I want to lose weight so bad that I am thinking about supplementing my diet and exercise with supplements to help things along. This can be the extra boost that will make the process easier.

The supplements come in many forms and choosing a certain brand might be a little difficult. I want to lose wieght enough to do some serious homework and explore my options. After all, we do have a subtle competition going. I know that the other ladies are already taking supplements.

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