A Personal Trainer

I have always loved physical fitness above all else, but it didn’t occur to me to be a personal trainer until a year ago. I had never taken any personal training courses before. I really had no need to. You see, I had friends who worked out a lot and were very good at it. They gave me all the tips that I needed, and helped me to stay in shape. Soon, I became a fanatical exerciser. I would go to the gym and get a cardiovascular workout, do strength training exercises, and in general do everything to build my body up. I loved it. It did not even seem like a sacrifice of time to me.

That is why personal training courses were such a good idea for me. When I took personal training courses, it gave me the opportunity to take my workout to the next level, while giving me a career. For most people, it does not sound like a great line of work. Few people want to spend their lives in the gym, but I would like nothing better. Having a personal training career is like a dream come true to me.

Of course, it was not always like this. When I first started taking my personal training courses, I thought I would burn out. You see, I had always liked to go to the gym, but I had never spent so much time there. At most I would spend a couple hours a day, but the personal training courses had me working nonstop. Not only would I have to work out and push myself in the personal training course, but I would also have to study things about anatomy at home. I would have to keep a personal log of all of my exercises and the results, and be quizzed every week.

For many people, this would not seem like a big deal, but I have never been much of a student. Personal training courses were actually the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in academia. When I was a kid, you see, I thought that I would play professional sports. As a result of that, I slacked off. Before the personal training courses, I was working a lot of blue-collar jobs for salaries not far above minimum wage. Nowadays, however, I do a lot better. I am even thinking about starting my own gym. Personal training courses have given me the credibility to get sponsorship for a new athletic facility.

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