Grocery shopping

After years of grocery shopping alone and listening to my husband complain about what I did and didn’t get, he has started accompanying to the store. At first, I wasn’t fond of him putting things into the cart without consulting with me first, but after several weeks, I started to enjoy having company while cruising the aisles. He’s actually rather pleasant, which shocks me. I thought that he’d be grumbling and complaining. Instead, it gives us a chance to chat a bit outside of the house and we’ve had quite a few laughs. Some of my friends have said that their husbands would never join them while grocery shopping so I do feel rather lucky.

Grocery shopping didn’t used to be something I enjoyed. There were things that I’d much rather be spending my money on rather than food. I hated putting everything into my car and then unloading it when I got home. It just was a nuisance. Of course, now my husband has made that more enjoyable. I am the queen of coupons. My goal, each week, is to save $10.00 by using coupons. I don’t always make that goal but I strive to. People tend to not use coupons because they claim it is just too time consuming and pointless. I disagree, knowing that I’ve saved myself quite a bit of money over the years. I work hard for my money and want to save every penny that I can. I find coupons online, in the local newspapers and off products that I’ve already purchased. Sometimes, stores will have them scattered throughout the aisles. If you’ve never taken advantage of the money that you can save with coupons, you should start. You may find that grocery shopping might cost less than it used to.

One thing that I’ve noticed in recent years is that you can do your grocery shopping from the comforts of your own home. Elderly people may find it quite difficult to be out and about grocery shopping. There are places that will bring your groceries to you. All you need to do is go online or make a phone call and your bags of groceries will arrive to your front door. While this shocked me at first, it is quite convenient for many people. Some people that have just had surgery or health issues may find that it is so wonderful to have someone else helping to take that stress off of them. The fees for this service aren’t usually as harsh as you might imagine.

Yes, grocery shopping has changed over the years. More coupons are available for use. Delivery of groceries is available for convenience and some stores are now open 24 hours. If you wanted to go grocery shopping in the middle of the night, you would be able to. Amazing.

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