Family Health Care

Now that my daughter is getting older I am becoming more and more concerned about family health care. When she was a baby I would have to pay for her shots and her doctor’s visits with cash. Though I realized that if something horrible were to happen I would have to pay for everything out of pocket. Now to she’s getting older I want to take care of her health coverage. This means I have to worry about having a comprehensive coverage package that includes our entire family.

For my family, this wouldn’t be such a problem if it were not for some unusual circumstances. My husband and I have a family health care plan through his employer. However, because my daughter is actually my niece, and we have yet to officially adopt her, she is not allowed to be on our health care plan. We are now in the process of adopting her, but until then, my family health-care costs must come out of my own pocket. As she near school age, this begins to concern me more and more.

New York State does have a family health-care plan. If you live in New York you have probably seen the commercials for this. Though the commercials say that their family health-care plan is simple and easy, I have to say that I disagree. I have gone to the application process numerous times for my daughter, only to find her coverage canceled for stupid reasons. One time they got my address wrong, and her insurance cards were returned to sender. When this happened, they canceled her insurance policy without trying to contact me and another time they lost my payment, and her insurance was canceled with no notification.

Until we can get our family health care problems under control, I can only continue to hope and pray that everything remains as it is. We have been blessed with a very healthy child, and her medical expenses thus far have not been very bad. I don’t think that I will completely be able to relax about the situation until we have her adopted and she can then be added to my husband’s employers family health care plan. Though I never wish anything to happen to anyone, you can only sleep better at night when you know everyone in your household is covered. I cannot rely on the State of New York any longer.

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