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Perhaps one of the most purchased and most ignored things in the world is the exercise bike. So many have them, they just never use them. They usually end up sitting in the corner covered with dust, or they are relegated to the attic or basement. Even worse, they become clothes hangers. I know those who buy them have the best of intentions, but they can’t do anyone any good if they are left to sit in the corner. They are often seen at yard sales, begin purchases by someone else who will never use them.

My dad did use his exercise bike for a while, and he lost some weight doing it. His brother died, and he started to see the doctor and to take care of his health after my brother and I both pestered him about it rather relentlessly. He was on that exercise bike a few days each week for a very long time, and he was looking and feeling better than he had in years. Though I don’t think he uses it very much any longer, I do think he still gives it a spin once in a while.

My aunt also had one that we used to play on when we were kids. She babysat for my mom a lot, and we would love to get on it and peddle. I don’t know if she every used it, but it was always there in the play room. She later lost a lot of weight using it, but then put some of it back on after she stopped and gave it away. Perhaps she was just sick of using the same thing day in and day out, and perhaps that is why many end up selling or giving away their exercise bike.

When considering this type of purchase, it might be a good idea to buy used, or to go to a gym a few times to see what you really enjoy using. You may find that you don’t like the exercise bike, but perhaps something else is more fun for you. You are going to keep using something that you think is fun, and if something is rather dull to you, it’s going to collect dust. Perhaps the best thing to do is to buy the exercise bike if you want it, and then to get something else so that you can alternate. That might help them both remain in service for a lot longer.

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