Easy Weight Loss Goal Formula-5 Tips

When it comes to weight loss, you should never take someone else’s advice. One reason behind this is that everyone’s weight loss adventure is different. There are people who never reach their weight loss goals, and then there are people who not only conquer their food intake successfully but also lose weight and become slim. There are folks who never lose beyond a certain amount of weight and then get stuck to that level; others make it successfully to the top. If you really want to lose weight, the best way to do this is to set a weight loss goal, and for that you need to have a clear idea of what you really want from your weight loss program! In this article I will give some suggestions that will help you make your weight loss goal easily!

1. First of all, determine what you really want! Do you want to become ultra-slim, or do you want to lose only a certain amount of body fat? The former is harder to achieve than the latter!

Next comes the “why” – why you want to lose weight? Make sure you have a strong passion behind your reason weight loss, because you will have to cross a lot of barriers to reach your weight loss goal. Something as simple as the idea of being able to fit into your bikini may not be a strong motivating factor for you!

2. Once you determine the “why”, you need to ask yourself how you hope to reach your weight loss goal. Do you want to cut down on food intake, or exercise regularly and intensely! At this point of time, if something is holding you back from taking the necessary action, think about ways to cope with that problem.

3. Try to make small changes in your lifestyle. You cannot change your entire food habit within 24 hours; it is neither feasible nor desirable. So it is better that you incorporate small changes in your meals. For example, if you want to incorporate more healthy foods in your meals, you can start by adding one fruit and one vegetable in your dinner on a regular basis. If you want to cut down on fatty foods, you can start by removing one fatty food from your dinner at a time! This way, your body won’t have to cope with a huge change and your food habits would seem as natural as it was, except that now you would be eating better foods than before!

Same goes for exercise. Don’t even think about exercising for hours because you simply cannot do it that way, especially if you have never exercised in life! A better way is to start by exercising for fifteen minutes daily, and then increase the activity level on a weekly basis. This way, you are less likely to hate exercises.

4. The last thing you need to do is to take action. Far too many people spend countless hours in making elaborate weight loss plans, but never make any effort to start it off ground. Don’t be one among the losers; action alone can ensure that you will be able to reach your weight loss goal fast!

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