Controlling Your Weight the Safe and Healthy Way

There are steps you can take to maintain your current weight or to lose weight that are healthy steps to take.

The first step you need to take to control your weight safely is to choose a weight loss program that is healthy. The next step is to know what guidelines to follow for safe physical activity. The third step involves any needed behavior changes. The fourth step you should take involves portion control. The fifth step involves shopping behavior in order to control your weight. The next step revolves around choosing healthy recipes and reduced-calorie recipes. Know your food exchange list and lastly, learn how to keep a daily food and activity diary so that you have a record of your weight control achievements and challenges. Use a menu planner to help stay on track with your meals as a last step in controlling your weight.

Follow all of the above steps and you will be well on your way to controlling your weight the safe and healthy way.

Here are some tips regarding selecting a weight loss program that will be healthy for you:

Look for a program that provides counseling to assist you in making changes in your eating habits and personal habits that affect your weight.

The program staff should be a combination of qualified counselors, health professionals including nutritionists, registered dietitians, doctors, nurses, psychologists or exercise therapists.

Does the program have training available to deal with the times when you may become stressed or when you may backslide into old eating habits?

Does the program teach you skills or techniques that will help you to make permanent changes in your eating habits and physical activity level?

If the program involves special food, are their choices that are flexible and that respect your culture and takes into consideration your likes and dislikes? Does it take into consideration your lifestyle?

Safe physical activity guideline:

Choose moderate activity levels to start out with and follow the advice of your doctor regarding how long you should exercise and types of exercises that will be right for you based on any health issues you may have.

Examples of moderate activities include washing and waxing a car for about an hour, washing floors or windows for about an hour, gardening for at least 30 minutes, pushing a baby stroller for 1.5 miles in a half an hour, raking leaves for 30 minutes, shoveling snow for 15 minutes, walking stairs for 15 minutes, dancing fast for 30 minutes, swimming laps for 20 minutes, jumping rope for 15 minutes or running 1.5 miles in 15 minutes (10 min for a mile).

Good behaviors for losing weight safely:

Set the right goals for you by using advice from your doctor

Be specific with your goals

Make sure they are attainable

Set short-term goals that gets you closer to your ultimate goal

Reward yourself for achieving short-term goals but do not use food as an award.

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