Are You Relying on a Weight Loss Support Group? If So, Commitment Is A Must!

Losing weight quickly and easily is most everyone’s dream; unfortunately, for a good many people this is not an option and instead they find that without the help of a weight loss support group, they do not have a chance. When they finally find the right group, there is not one dieter who would decline such a once in a lifetime chance for weight loss support and guidance – provided there was a pledge that letdown was not an option. Of course, as you well know, there is no guarantee that you will lose weight and that you will actually make it to your target body mass index in the time you have allotted for the endeavor. Sometimes success or failure is separated by the thinnest of margins, and in this case your ability to lose weight or fail at weight loss stands and falls with one trait of character: commitment.

For example, do you have the essential support from friends and family members who encourage your attendance at the weight loss support group? Although you are not the first support group member who had to stay late and work, or remain at home to calm a tantrum bound toddler, these incidents greatly hamper your overall commitment to the group and feeling of obligation. Granted, in a pinch you will have to stay home or work overtime, but in the long run you will be considered by fellow dieters as being unwilling to put the good of the group ahead of some activities that are perceived as being not as important. Remember also that your mindset is greatly colored by the way you are perceived by those around you, and if peg you for being a half hearted dieter, you might actually come to think of yourself in this manner.

While the freedom of a weight loss support group rests in the fact that it does not matter when you exercise and what you pick from the low fat and low calorie menu, many a support group attendee frowns upon exercise logs that show a week’s worth of exercises packed into the day of the meeting, or a consistently broken menu plan promise. This is not so much a means of judging you, as a person, but instead it demonstrates a lax commitment to weight loss, diet, and fighting for health, and if you consider that this is why weight loss support group attendees faithfully walk through these doors, it is not surprising that they begin questioning your commitment and the fact that you are taking down the group with you. Such last minute bursts of commitment do not sit well with others, and if you are serious about being a member of a weight loss support group, you must – for lack of a better word – pull your own weight.

Weight loss support groups are perfect vehicles for losing pounds and getting fit. The cold facts bear out that even though you initially may at the idea of your sitting in a room full of overweight dieters who cannot do it on their own soon you realize the goldmine of support, help, advice, and overall positive peer pressure you can find in these venues. Do not let it go to waste with a lack of commitment.

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