Anti Aging Creams

I have been interested in cosmetics for a long time. Not only am I an avid user of various skincare products, but I’m also interested in their roles in society. I have studied anthropology, looking at the uses of cosmetics makeup in many different cultures, and I have come to some conclusions. Most people think that buying products for skin care is a matter of vanity, but I think that it is much more. By making one feel younger and more attractive, cosmetics and make up actually affect the health and social behavior of the wearer, thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take anti aging face cream as an example. A good friend of mine recently bought anti aging cream. Her anti wrinkle cream was marketed as a miracle products – most of them are. Supposedly, when you put anti aging creams on your face, they will remove lines, wrinkles, and blemishes within a few days. You will look anywhere from five to twenty years younger if you are to believe the commercials. Of course, there is no scientific basis for anti aging cream. At best, it can moisturize the skin and provide some minor cover up as well. anti aging creams, however, cannot do the impossible. They cannot reverse aging.

Nonetheless, when my friends tried the anti aging cream, the results were remarkable. From the second day, she started asking if she looked younger. She was completely convinced that the cream anti aging was already working, and I was definitely no one to tell her differently. When I confirmed that yes, she did look younger, she was extremely excited. The strange thing is that, although her outward appearance didn’t change physically, her attitude did. When she started using the anti aging cream, she became more happy, more socially engaged, and more productive. She was so convinced, in fact, that the anti aging cream was reversing the aging process, that she began to look younger. Her face still had wrinkles in it, but she was able to carry less tension and keep a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

It might be tempting to dismiss this phenomenon as the placebo effect, but it is not that simple. Even if it is a placebo effect, the result is that an anti aging cream can actually tangibly reduce your age. If it can make you convinced that you look younger, you will feel younger. Once you feel younger, you will look younger.

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