Anti Aging Cream

With the current spotlight on youthfulness, it’s hard to accept aging. No matter how old you are, inside your heart you still feel eighteen. The trouble is, appearance defies the inner you! Aging comes to all of us, but it need not be traumatic. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to retain your youth with anti aging cream. Some are simple applications of oils, while others involve recipes of various ingredients rivaling the most sophisticated concoctions you’ll find at the cosmetic counter. You can whip up your own customized anti aging cream at little expense and with beautiful results. Let’s take a look at some of these home made alternatives.

No matter what anti aging cream you choose, understand that diet, just like your mother told you, plays an important part in preventing aging skin. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential, providing nutrients that slow aging of the skin. With proper diet and a good anti aging skin cream, you can take years off your apparent age.

Let’s start with basic oils. Sweet almond oil softens the skin, as do avocado and jojoba oils. Sweet almond oil is good for less mature skin, protective yet light. If you’re older, avocado and jojoba oil are ready to meet the task. Women in the South Pacific have been using avocado oil for centuries, and their skin reflects the care. Avocado oil is high in vitamin E, known to maintain and repair damaged skin. Jojoba oil is the older woman’s best friend. A nightly application renders big results. Jojoba oil penetrates the skin overnight, with a soft and non-greasy result by morning, filling in those wrinkles for a much younger look when used as a daily regimen.

When searching out an anti aging cream that’s right for you, consult with your herb dealer to find out the various effects each oil has on different skin conditions. Do some research to find out which oil is best suited to your age and skin condition. Many commercial creams contain cetyl alcohol, which has a drying effect and is often included to avoid the ‘greasy’ look. When buying a commercial preparation, notice the cetyl alcohol content overall. It’s preferable that this be a minor ingredient, far down on the list of major ingredients.

A search on the net for anti aging cream recipes will yield a panoply of different ingredients in various proportions. Natural anti aging cream typically eliminates cetyl alcohol, as a counter productive ingredient. Cocoa butter, lanolin, and various oils usually predominate, with vitamin E, C, A, zinc and aloe included to support aging skin, restoring elasticity, softness and suppleness.

Papaya leaves are antiseptic and promote new cell growth, and available in tablet form. You can grind tablets into powder, mix with a bit of water and apply directly to your skin for a healthy, rejuvenating treatment.

Your anti aging cream can be just around the corner, customized to you, with a result you’ll love!

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