4 Steps To Creating An Effective Weight Loss Plan

Good weight loss plans are built on practical thinking. Before you create a weight loss plan, you need to decide why is it that you want to lose weight at all! Next you will need to decide what you expect to have from your weight loss program, and how you will approach it. There are many other tidbits that goes into the making a successful weight loss plan. In this article I will tell you everything about how to create a weight loss plan the ‘easy’ way!

1. Okay, first of all, ask yourself why you want to lose weight. There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. Some people would want to lose weight so that can fit into their old trousers or jeans; others do it to look and feel good; some others do it because they have heard about a lot of health issues associated with obesity. What about you? This is the first step towards the creation of a successful weight loss goal. Once you know why you want to achieve a goal, success becomes easier!

2. Create the goal: Now it is time for you to create the weight loss goal itself. Decide how much weight you want to lose each day! Do you want to shed sixty pounds in a month? Is that viable? Don’t make unrealistic goals because you will never be able to achieve them. If in doubt, consult your friends and try to know about realistic weight loss goals.

3. Once you have created a goal, it is time to create a workable plan through which you intend to achieve your goal. If need be, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor on this matter; even better, ask him to create the plan for you! How you want to achieve your goal is what your weight loss plan is all about. Below I give you three pointers that will help you here:

A) Losing weight by eating less: It is easier said than done, but if you have decided to lose weight this way, it is not impossible either! Decide on what you will need to achieve this end. For example, you will need appetite suppressants that will save you from hunger pangs resulting from reduction in food intake.

B) Losing weight by eating healthier foods: Replacing the fatty foods with their low-calorie counterparts is the surefire way to lose weight. If you eat snacks every evening, why not replace it with fruits and vegetables? If you drink a large bowl of chocolate soup every night, it is time to stop that practice and eat carrots and other vegetables instead! These healthy substitutes would help you reach your weight loss goals faster!

C) Losing weight by exercises: While exercises entail a lot of hard work, it is actually easier to lose weight by doing exercise if you are disciplined enough! Exercise actually has a dual function: on one hand it helps you lose weight by burning your body fat; on the other, it helps you build muscles so that you can burn fat even when you are resting (because muscles increase a person’s metabolic rate considerably).

Choose workouts that you can do at home, in front of your TV. Don’t be too hard on yourself – start by doing exercises for one hour each day, and do your workouts every other day. It is stupid to think that you can workout everyday; you will pretty much get tired by your workout sessions that way! Give yourself a break, and you will see that exercises are not as hard as you used to think!

Visit your local library and browse books, manuals and CD-ROMs on different types of exercises. Listen to audio tapes. Consult with your doctor as well as a professional fitness trainer. This would help you in creating a solid exercise plan!

4. Imagine the plan: Now that you have created the weight loss plan, imagine how you vision yourself reaching your weight loss goal using the plan you have just created!

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