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  1. ianpnut01 says:

    this is a serious question what is your thoughts on the best green plant in the world pot? thanks!!!!!!!

  2. liferegenerator says:

    If you search
    liferegenerator ginger
    9 vids come up with ginger in them!

    If you search
    liferegenerator beets
    6 vids come up with beets in them!

  3. sidsthirdeye says:

    you can freze the pulp and use for adding to other stuff….

  4. sidsthirdeye says:

    hove noticed you dont seem to be using beets or ginger, is there a reason, or just personal taste? responsable juicing is important and i know these 2 are very potent. anyone care to share thier thoughts on this?

  5. liferegenerator says:

    Cuisinart food prep plus! Find it in our store with the link on one of the videos!

  6. liferegenerator says:

    Kale and spinach are two of my favorite sources!

  7. kundalini77 says:

    What food processor do you use Dan?

  8. hypeone33 says:

    Hey man, i was wondering if you know of any fruits or vegatables that have protiene in them, for muscle building??

  9. MrMrPanPan says:

    Everytime i use my Juice Fountain Elite i think of you.

  10. liferegenerator says:

    Learn to pack tons of fresh fruits with you and learn how to make salads that you can bring with you in the Tupperware containers! Ignore what the other kids say! You are very intelligent to be going down this path at this age! Most people will not get this, but health is the best thing you can do for yourself! Stay with it! Fruits and salads kiddo! You are doing awesome! Write to me anytime! Got it? 🙂

  11. eyefonefreak says:

    hey dan im a kid 15yrs old, and i was wondering how i might be able to stay RAW in school?

  12. liferegenerator says:

    Just wait till you’re hungry… 🙂

  13. ozarkcountian says:

    The juicer separates the liquid from the pulp. The pulp goes to compost–not in your body. The blender method keeps the pulp in so that your body gets the fiber.

  14. ozarkcountian says:

    good for you for doin’ a 20-miler. How do you feel about people not wanting to eat or drink anything after a long workout (i.e. running a mile)? Do ya have to replenish afterwards?

  15. vitalityv says:

    Juicer: extracts the juice from the fruit or vegetable – no fibre.
    Blender: Blend the whole fruit or vegetable thus keeping the fibre.

  16. liferegenerator says:


  17. I really dont like the taste of Cilantro is there anything else I can use in place of it?

  18. You is Pretty Dan! Thanks for the Video, I like how you say what the veggies are doing for you! Hey Try Acro Yoga…it will rock your freakin awesome body and world 🙂


  19. Just signed up for the 4 day program. Simply put, Dan is AWESOME!

  20. liferegenerator says:

    No try! Just do! 😉

  21. iloveyourstory says:

    whats the difference between the juicer and a blender

  22. motoxbuddy says:

    its in the side bar. first click on more info .then you will see it.:-)

  23. Dude, your recipe’s rock… im totally going to try and kick the cooked food addiction.

  24. liferegenerator says:

    This is not the first video! The first video will be posted on Monday!

  25. liferegenerator says:

    Click more info and the link is right there!

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