Why Can’t You Motivate Yourself To Study? Five Tips From Top Students To Turn It All Around

There is no question that it is very hard to find the energy and drive required to get study done when you don’t know how to motivate yourself to study. Motivation and passion go hand in hand, but it can be extremely difficult to get passionate about studying!

So instead of telling you that motivation should come easily to you, we are going to provide you with some wisdom that has been provided by students just like you. Here are five tips you can use to move your study forward – especially when you don’t feel like studying!

Tip One. Listen to what you are saying to yourself. The thoughts you have each day create your reality and form your perspective on life. If you keep telling yourself that you’re “not motivated” then you won’t feel motivated! Pretty simple really! So start creating positive thoughts in place of any negative ones you have. If you find yourself thinking “I will never get this done” then replace it with “I will get this done, I always get my work done” (and so on). Soon you will be thinking yourself to success!

Tip Two. Visualize your awesomeness. It might seem corny but visualization is a great tool for getting motivated. Think about how good it feels when you hand in your homework or assignment on time. Or how great you feel when you get a top grade on your next test. Think first, act second.

Tip Three. Break up tasks into tiny bite size chunks. Stop looking at what you need to complete as one big thing. It’s not one big thing! It’s lots of tiny little things! Start chopping up your tasks into tiny little action steps. Complete a worksheet, attend a class, read a chapter of your text book – they are all little chunks that lead to something much bigger. Take little baby steps each day and by the end of the week you will have achieved a lot. That’s the truth. Do 30 minutes study a day and you have done 3 hours study in a week. Do that every week and you have done 150 hours of study. But it all starts with 30 minutes today!

Tip Four. Surround yourself with study buddies. If you can find others who are experiencing similar things to you there is no doubt it will help calm you down and see that you are not alone. But the best part is that study buddies will give you their own words of wisdom and tips about how to get the work done (not to mention hold you accountable for getting it done!) It is highly motivating when you team up with others and make a commitment to getting the task done.

Tip Five. The more you do the closer you are to the end. We’ve all been there. Work just seems to constantly pile up and no matter how much you get done there is always more work to do. But the thing to remember is that every day brings you closer to completion. When you hand in an assignment you have ticked a box. When you sit a test or exam you have ticked a box. There are only so many boxes you have to tick before your study days are over. Your life will not be like this forever. So start ticking boxes like crazy and before you know it they’ll all be ticked!

There are many ways to motivate yourself to study. The most important thing about motivation is to find what works for you and start taking action every day. Good luck!

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