When Sojourning In A Hotel Trier Is Rich In Historical Attractions

South western Germany has many attractive places to visit, and if staying in a Hotel Trier can provide a great location from which to explore the pleasant countryside in this part of the world. Close to the border with Luxembourg, this city is the heart of the Mosel win region. It is also reportedly Germany’s oldest city, with its foundation dating back to 16BC.

The remains of Roman buildings are dotted liberally across the region. One relic is the oldest Roman bridge located north of the Alps still in use for regular traffic purposes. This has the somewhat self-evident name of Roemerbrucke, or, in English, Roman Bridge.

Visitors can see old Roman baths here, as well as one of Trier’s city gates, known as the Porta Nigra, which are evidence of the city’s long association with the Romans. There are also some well-preserved architectural relics of the medieval era in the city, with some important buildings reflecting the area’s long association with Christianity. A church known locally as the Liebfrauenkirche is an early example of the French-Gothic style of church construction in Germany.

Trier Cathedral is an impressive monument to both the religious history of the city and its Roman heritage, with some of its structure dating back to the Roman era in Germany. This building is also the home of the Holy Tunic, a garment which is, according to local tradition, the garment worn by Christ at his death. This holy relic is shown by the church authorities only once every few decades or so though, making it often a once in the lifetime experience to see it.

The presence of both a medieval and an 18th Century treadwheel crane on show in the city, there is also an industrial heritage here. This can also be explored at the Fell Exhibition Slate Mine, known locally as the Besucherbergwerk Fell. This venue is situated about 20 kilometres outside the city itself.

Many museums are also located in the region. For visitors who are drawn to the Roman era of Germany’s history, the Rheinisches Landesmuseum is one of the country’s most important museums of that age. Children might be more interested in the Toy Museum of Trier though.

Of course, enjoying the wines of the Mosel Region is a great way to make a holiday an even more relaxing vacation. This region enjoys a reputation for producing sweet white wines which are relatively low in alcohol content. Germany has 13 wine regions in total; the Mosel is the third largest of these.

when residing in a hotel Trier has many attractions for the visitor interested in history and culture. There is also a whole range of wine to enjoy. With its pleasant countryside, this is one of Germany’s most relaxing regions.

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